Andover Scandinavian Modern Kitchen and other Projects

Cambridge Custom Cabinetry and Island for a Light Filled Living Space

A Scandinavian modern project that included works in numerous spaces.  Brand new kitchen that utilized repurposed roof joists (roof had to be completely replaced due to fire damage).  Living room corner was also cladded with the old joists which we split to half size.  Master bathroom continued the theme of using the joists as we built two large barn doors and other bath / wardrobe furniture.  Enjoy these photos (pics courtesy of David Fell Photography)

The island and the wooden back corner (living room) are both build from the salvaged joists that were pulled down from the sagging roof.
Scandinavian Modern kitchen with wooden island built from salvaged joists (original roof from 1897).
Master Bath barn door built from salvaged roof joists sitting on Austrian stainless steel barn door mechanism.
Corner wall uses roof joists we salvaged. They were 2 by 8 that we cut down to 1 by 8, pulled all old nails and reused it throughout the home.

andover-custom-kitchen-3 andover-custom-bathroom-1