Custom Built Kitchens, Baths, Offices and More

Mottl Cabinetry handles just about any custom project; kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, etc.
Mottl Cabinetry handles just about any custom project; kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, etc.

Mottl Builders & Cabinetry offers a highly flexible set of services to make your home truly stand out.  No matter what your style preferences are, we have done it all from classic to contemporary, from craftsman to Victorian.  Just about any look / style can be accomplished with our careful planning, and design. We have built well over 100 custom kitchens, bathrooms, and other home comforts. As you start to shop around for a custom cabinetry builder, you will immediately notice that ALL of our mechanics are the highest-end components you can get in the industry, and there is a good reason why we insists on using those; keeping YOU satisfied.  There are many who can build decent looking home cabinetry and furniture, but how many of them continue to function as well as they did in their first year?  As a consumer, you can't only go for the look.  You have to also go after engineered hardware to make it all work, indefinitely.

Custom Cabinets for Home Kitchens

We have our own cabinet shop where we custom build wooden cabinets to fit your space and personal tastes. We use solid wood doors and dove tail drawers of any species of wood or laminate with hundreds of door and drawer styles to choose from, or design from scratch. Once we proceed with your project, we will plan everything out with you and your architect or builder, and will supply you with CAD drawings and illustrations to go over everything. We will also work with your salvaged woods or other personal items, should you have any.

Custom Closet Systems

Mottl Builders & Cabinetry also specializes in custom closet systems and wardrobes to fit any shape or size space. We can offer a multitude of effective solutions to optimize your space and give you something loaded with elegance.  

Custom Furniture

We are often asked by clients to build furniture pieces simply because there isn't anything to their exact liking.  Our shop can work with just about any material and any finish to bring you a highly custom, one of a kind furniture piece.  We have built numerous tables, desks, shelving systems, chairs, night stands, you name it!

Custom Wood Milling

Mottl Builders & Cabinetry can also build you custom trim finishes for any space in your home.

Other Custom Work

Just about anything you can imagine, we can probably create it for you!  Outside the general kitchen cabinetry, we have taken care of many unique requests such as custom entry doors, custom stair cases, custom millwork, custom barn doors, and so on.  Please contact us today and let us know what you have in mind.  

We have done well over a hundred custom kitchens in the greater Boston area, and we have done well over a hundred custom orders such as barn doors, wall paneling, trim work, etc.  



Boston Areas We Serve

Located in Reading Massachusetts, majority of our business is in the northern suburbs of Boston such as Concorde, Lexington, Wilmington, Winchester, Reading, Lynnfield, Andover, and so forth.  We do ofcourse travel well beyond the north, so please holler no matter where you are!

New England Areas We Serve

Although we are located in Reading Massachusetts, we will make the journey to other states nearby and take care of projects.  Note that we will only travel outside of Massachusetts for bigger projects, for obvious reasons.  Contact us if you have any comments or questions!

Town's We Worked In

Here is a short list of towns that we have recently worked in.  We hope to add yours to this list!  Reading, North Reading, Andover, Arlington, Lexington, Concorde, Winchester, Lynnfield, Wellesley, Newton, Cambridge, Boston, Lynn, Beverly, Hamilton, Essex, Ipswitch and many more!